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Canada-based Female Professor Joins Race For 2023 Nigerian President

by James Davies

A Canada-based Professor of Education, Benedicta Egbo, on Monday joined the race for the 2023 nigerian presidency.
The female professor, who declared for the Presidency on the platform of the National Rescue Movement, said she joined the race to correct the mess past leaders had plunged Nigeria into, Yara reports.

She said at the top of her presidential agenda was an upward review of workers’ salaries and security, among others.
According to Egbo, corruption has increased significantly under the administration of the current government at the Federal level, saying that the corruption in Nigeria is so that it should be considered a National disease.
“Nigeria has become a beggar nation and if we are not careful, Nigeria will borrow itself into bankruptcy because no nation can borrow itself into prosperity for recurrent expenditure.
“I join the race to serve Nigerians because all past and current political leaders owe Nigerians apology. Nigeria has never had it so good. The country has retrogressed rather than progressed.
“The frequent cross-carpeting of politicians from APC to PDP is evidence of unprincipled leaders who only care about their selfish interests and lack a sense of direction.
“Governance is more than waving umbrellas and brooms. Governance should involve good and principled leadership that is grounded in competency, patriotism and a vision for the common good. Instead, what we operate is a government of a few, for a few by a few.”
“It is all psychological. I do not see why Nigeria is not ready for a female President. We need to change things. I am running because I want to see this country respected. We must reclaim our future.”

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