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Founder spotlight: Vikas Datt of CerraCap Ventures, on why now is best time to invest in cybersecurity companies

by James Davies

Venture capital firms are investment entities seeking to capitalise on high-potential businesses to generate a higher return on their investments. These firms, especially in the have been credited with sparking innovation and job growth in regions in a big way. In the current climate, many venture capital firms are looking for ways to diversify their portfolios to protect against market volatility and provide stability in the face of uncertainty. Investing in industries like Cybersecurity can be an attractive option for venture capital firms, as this sector has consistent growth and offers a more reliable return on investment.

Cybersecurity and its impact to venture capital firms

Recent trends show that the cybersecurity industry has seen a dramatic increase in activity, primarily due to the ever-evolving nature of digital threats mainly driven by the rise of online e-commerce sites and the advent of more sophisticated technologies. According to Fortune Business Insights, the global cybersecurity market was valued at $139.77 billion in 2021 and can grow to $376.32 billion in 2029.

Beyond the industry growth, cybersecurity companies are becoming increasingly attractive investments for venture capital firms as the digital world becomes increasingly complex. Businesses of all sizes need to invest in reliable and effective cybersecurity solutions to protect their networks and data, creating a surge in demand for cybersecurity companies.

There is significant investment and interest in areas of Cyber Insurance, AI based Zero Day detection, Password-less technologies and Real Time Threat Intelligence. These areas offer better opportunities for investment, collaboration, and possibility of higher returns.

The emergence of these indicators makes cybersecurity one of the best-guaranteed industries to invest in today. Vikas Datt of CerraCap Ventures has already been using these factors, even before the spike in demand for cybersecurity, which has given the company the edge of being at the forefront of the cybersecurity investment firms.

About Vikas Datt and CerraCap Ventures

Vikas Datt is one of the founders of CerraCap Ventures, a Global Venture Capital fund headquartered in Southern California, is dedicated to early-stage technology investments in enterprise (B2B) solutions focused on the new fundamentals of the digital age – Enterprise AI, Cyber Security and Healthcare. It enables rapid growth of technology startups leveraging its unique Sales & Scale™ business model, driving revenue from large enterprises into its portfolio companies.

“Our process in CerraCap Ventures is unlike any other in the industry of venture capital. When most make introductions, we bring purchase orders,” Vikas Datt shares.

His expertise and on-the-ground operational experience make CerraCap Ventures one of the leading venture capital firms in technology, taking their position as an ideal investor for cybersecurity and other tech companies.


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