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Google Builds Storage For Digital COVID Vaccine Card On Android Phones

by James Davies

Google has announced that it has updated its Passes API to enable a simple and secure way to let Android users store digital COVID vaccine cards on their phones.

The feature will also support storing COVID test results and will also first roll out in the US and it will rely on support from healthcare providers, local government, or the organisations authorized to distribute COVID vaccines.

According to Google support page, the COVID Card will show info on when users were vaccinated and which vaccine they received. The card can be saved from the healthcare provider’s app or website as well as from texts or emails received after vaccination.

“Your COVID card is stored locally on your device. If you want to access your COVID card on multiple devices, you will need to manually save the card on each device.”

Google recommended that a shortcut be added to the card on the home screen and will offer the option when the card is saved on your device. The card won’t be saved in the cloud and that won’t use the information you provide for advertising purposes, but it does say that it will collect some information, like how many times you use your card and on which days. And you won’t have to have the Google Pay app downloaded to save and access cards.

“To use this feature, the device needs to run Android 5 or later and be Play Protect certified. Installing the Google Pay app is not a requirement to access COVID Cards,” Google said.

Google’s vision is to streamline the processes for authorities making it easier for people to save their vaccination status digitally on their mobile devices.

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