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Labour party appoints new advisers on strategy, publicity

by James Davies

Jonah Pompo Bonet and Mr Tagwai Daniel Jeremiah, have been appointed as Special Advisers to the office of the Director for Youths Affairs of the OBI-DATTI Presidential Campaign Council.

They will serve as Special Advisers on Strategy as well as Media and Publicity respectively.

A statement issued by Isah Abubakar, Director of Youths Affairs, Labour Party Presidential Campaign Council in Kaduna on Thursday said, “The appointment is with immediate effect.

He said the move was necessary for the campaign processes, which has taken a turn to its final quarter.

The statement explained that the appointments were done in the spirit of salvaging what is left of the country from a total drift towards anarchy to ensure all Nigerians participate in the affairs of their country for a better society.

Abubakar said the appointees were picked based on their experiences, efforts, commitments and antecedents in enlightening fellow youths on the need to build a new Nigeria and vote in a government that will bring more development for the larger population of Nigerians.

”The duo have beyond any reasonable doubt set the pace and have left a trail for millions of young Nigerians to follow towards contributing a fraction of individual effort that will bring Nigerians to the dawn of a new Nigeria piloted by “OBI-DATTI”, the most capable and worthy leaders who will never let the labour of the heroes past be in vain, the statement said.

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