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My girlfriend had two other boyfriends – Singer Jidenna

by James Davies

Nigerian-American music artist, Jidenna has said his current relationship started as polyamory.

He disclosed that his girlfriend was seeing two other men when he met her initially.

The singer revealed this in a recent interview with Apple Music’s Ebro Darden.

He said he was comfortable with the situation because he was also dating another woman at the time.

“We both came from non-monogamous situations. I met her, she had basically had two boyfriends and she was in love with them both,” he said.

Jidenna, however, said their relationship is monogamous now, adding that their other relationships gave way.

He said: “We built long enough, those relationships kind of went their way. The woman I was dating, I stopped. I closed all those doors. So now it’s just us.”

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