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Nigeria’s National Grid Yet To Recover, Fluctuates At 88 Megawatts

by James Davies

The Nigerian national grid has yet to recover to its previous level of 3,700 megawatts (MW) as only the Jebba hydropower plant had 88MW on the grid on Monday afternoon, Daily Trust reports.

It had earlier been reported that the national grid collapsed on Sunday just before 7pm, the sixth reported collapse in 2022.

Amid efforts by the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) to manage and restore the grid, electricity supply has been restored to only a few cities while the rest are in darkness.

Meanwhile, stakeholders in the power sector are yet to be briefed on the immediate cause of system collapse.

Records from the Independent System Operator (ISO), a segment of TCN on Monday indicated that the grid had 1,700MW of electricity as of 10am which then rose to slightly over 2,000MW by 11am.

However, by 1pm, the grid which was recovering plunged further to 512MW as several Generation Companies (GenCos) went off the system.

In another apparent sign of a near system collapse, the grid had just 88MW of electricity from Jebba hydro as of 2pm acting as a spinning reserve to keep the grid on, with many residents confirming power outages in Abuja, Nasarawa and Niger environs.

The Distribution Companies (DisCos) were expected to get 2,377.14MW of electricity but could not due to the system disturbance.

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