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OAUTH nurse assault: Resident doctors’ narrative false, says NANNM

by James Davies

Lara Adejoro

The National Association of Nigeria Nurses and Midwives at Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospital, Ile-Ife, said the narrative of the Association of Resident Doctors regarding the alleged assault is full of falsehood and malicious manipulations of reality.

The association said this while reacting to the alleged assault by a nurse on a female doctor, identified as Dr. Oluwatosin Bello, who was “forcefully held hostage, confined, and verbally assaulted” at the Female Adult Orthopaedic Ward of the hospital on June 16.

The PUNCH reports that the resident doctors at the hospital embarked on a two-day warning strike over the incident.

The resident doctors said the warning strike would commence from 8 am Tuesday, June 21, 2022, to 7:59 am on Thursday, June 23, 2022.

In a press statement released by NANNM, it said despite prompt mediation and intervention of the hospital management, some senior Consultants and Directors in Nursing, the ARD in OAUTHC “in their usual garrulous and restive manner decided to ignore sensible operational policies, principles, and guidelines of healthcare waste management as repeatedly stressed by NANNM. 

“The best they could come up with is a laughable accusation of recurrent harassment, without making reference to the substantial evidence of the case at hand.”

NANNM, however, said it has decided to focus on principles, policies, and global best practices rather than engage in personality attacks and rumour without evidence as demonstrated by “immature doctors-in-training.”

 “As a brief, the nurse on duty prepared a trolley for the CardioThoracic Surgical Unit Team for an invasive procedure called ‘Insertion of Central Line’. 

“This procedure involves cutting into the deep vein of a patient using sharp surgical blades and insertion of central cannula and suturing of the deep vein and open wound accordingly. 

“It is a bloody procedure that must be done under strict infection control and the equipment used must be properly segregated and discarded into sharps and colour-coded waste containers based on the World Health Organisation standards and National Healthcare Waste Management Policy by the Federal Ministry of Environment and Federal Ministry of Health as far back as the year 2013. 

“Before completing the Doctor’s procedure, the nurse had already informed the team of doctors where the sharp box container and the central waste bin are located for appropriate segregation and disposal of the waste generated after the bedside, surgical procedure. 

 “The Senior Registrar that conducted the procedure consented and promised to ensure that the waste will be properly disposed of accordingly. 

“As usual, the Senior Registrar and other Doctors left the House Officer on the ward to document and possibly segregate and discard the waste generated during the procedure. 

“However, to the dismay of the nurse on duty, who went to attend to another patient on the ward, the House Officer left the scattered waste and the open needles and sharp objects at the patient’s bedside and was tactically sneaking out of the ward. 

“Proving the suspicion of the nurse on duty, the house officer refused to segregate and discard the hazardous and injurious waste generated and negligently abandoned by the doctors at the patient’s bedside. 

“In her professional wisdom, the only way to avoid physical confrontation is to lockdown the exit door of the ward, so that the House Officer can honourably complete the procedure that her senior doctors have left her to do.

“The equal and opposite reaction of our most admired and highly assertive nurse to the negligent and highly injurious action of the resident doctors triggered the World press conference of the ARD which further showcased their characteristic disregard for patients’ lives and professional ethics by threatening to go on strike because the Hospital Management refused to be swayed and be dragged into their obvious abuse of professional privilege.”

The association of nurses and midwives stated that they are in support of the action of the nurse on duty and will not hesitate to do everything ethically, legally, and professionally appropriate to defend her personal and professional rights to protect the patient, patient’s relatives, and other healthcare workers in the hospital.

 Our correspondent contacted the Public Relations Officer of the hospital, Ms. Oluwakemi Fasoto, for comments regarding the issue, but she did not respond to calls or the text message sent to her as of the time of filing this report.

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