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South-East Traders In Alaba, Other Lagos Areas, Attacked, Denied From Registering For Voter Cards

by James Davies

South-East traders who shut down their markets in Lagos State to register and get their Permanent Voters Cards (PVC) have been attacked by hoodlums suspected to be political thugs.

A video making round the social media shows traders from South-East Nigeria that closed their businesses at Alaba International Market Lagos for the civic exercise saying the hoodlums came to the registration centre and started throwing stones at them.

The event happened at Igbede and Ojo areas in the Ojo local government areas of the state.

Some of the persons sustained injuries on their heads at Ojo.

In another location, the people that came out and resisted attempts by some thugs to carry the only registration machine in the area.

in Igbede, hundreds of people who came out to register for their PVCs could not do so because the officials of the Independent National Electoral Commission were nowhere to be found.

In a video on social media, a commentator was overheard complaining of no presence of INEC officials to register Nigerians who abandoned their business to register and get their PVCs.

“Here is Igbede, you can see the millions, millions of Nigerians standing trying to get their voters card but there is no INEC officials to register them. The INEC officials have not come and this is 12pm. Nobody is interested to register anybody.

“That is wickedness. You can see how many millions of people are here and nobody is interested to come and register anybody. What did we do Nigeria? Nigeria has decayed; allow it to rest. Why is it that we can’t vote for somebody that can push us forward.”

A trader in another video was lamenting that the INEC officials allegedly told them that the Igbos could not be registered.

The trader who gave his name as Kingsley Ogenyi said that the officials made them to understand that it was only another section that was allowed and instructed to register.

“We are going home. What happened here is that Ndigbo will not register for their PVCs. So for us we are going back. The INEC official said it is not possible for Igbos to register, that it is only their people that are going to register. Our Igbo brother who is also working as one of the INEC officials was threatened. Since 7am that we came here, we are going home.”


Another, a lady who gave her name as Chinero Nnaji lamented that she had wasted the day.

“They asked us not to go to market for us to register for our PVC. This morning we came to the registration center here but the Yoruba people said we cannot be registered in their soil. What do we do? We have to go home. This is the first stage of the rigging of the 2023 presidential election going on. It is systematic because in all other areas and centres the report is the same.”

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