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Stay away from substance abuse, it can ruin your life, psychiatrist tells youths

by James Davies

A Consultant Psychiatrist at the College of Health Sciences, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Dr. Olalekan Oginni, has asked youths to stay away from substance abuse, warning that it can ruin their lives.

Oginni gave the warning during an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria, on Saturday, in Ile-Ife.

He noted that the number of youths suffering from mental health disorders was on the increase.

The psychiatrist explained that while genetic disposition could cause mental disorders, some people with the genetic disposition could still avoid mental health problems if they avoid the environmental triggers.

The consultant stressed that abusing substances at a tender age, drinking too much alcohol, and smoking cigarettes, among others, could trigger mental and other health problems.

He urged teenagers to stay away from substance abuse, stressing that it could damage their brains.

He also urged actions against unpalatable societal issues like economic recession, kidnapping, and money rituals, noting that they are affecting the youths negatively and could be triggers of mental health disorders for younger ones.

The psychiatrist appealed to parents to take good care of their children, stressing that they should take care of their physical and financial needs and also show them love.

He told the youth, “Desist from abusing weeds that can damage your future, engage yourselves with something legally, stop waiting for somebody to help you always.

“But have the mindset of doing something that would help your as well as the society at large.” 


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