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Stress can trigger diabetes, nutritionist warns

by James Davies

A nutritionist, Ms. Abigail Akintola, said on Tuesday in Jos that stress could trigger diabetes in an individual.

Akintola disclosed this in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria.

“The more the stress in an individual, the more the body produces glucose, if the glucose builds up in the bloodstream this could lead to glucose rise in the body.

“Once a person is stressed, the body naturally produces more glucose (high sugar level) to help reenergise the body, after a while, the body system may not be able to covert the glucose into energy.

“At this stage, if the body can no longer control the sugar level, there is a tendency that such people might start developing diabetes.’’

Akintola, however, advised that people should always make out time to rest and limit the stressors in their lives to help keep their health in check.

She further advised that people should pay more attention to what they eat as most ailments were linked to what people consume and their lifestyles in general.

She said that Nigerians should inculcate the act of eating healthy and drinking healthily. 


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