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Stroke, brain tumour, infections could cause facial paralysis –Physician 

by James Davies

Amarachi Okeh

A health expert, Dr. Oluwarotimi Akintade, has said that underlying health conditions are often the cause of facial paralysis, noting that tumours in the brain, stroke, infections and accidents can cause the health condition.

According to Dr. Akintade, while facial paralysis is not necessarily a stroke, it can be caused by a stroke.

He also noted that Bell’s Palsy – a condition that causes sudden weakness in the muscles on one side of the face, can also cause facial paralysis.

Akintade was reacting to a recent disclosure by popular Canadian singer, Justin Bieber that he is experiencing paralysis on his face after being diagnosed with a rare disorder known as Ramsay Hunt Syndrome.

He urged Nigerians to always ensure they properly manage any underlying health condition that they have. 

Facial paralysis, he explained, is the inability of a person to move the muscles on the face, noting that it is either the inability to move muscles on one side of the face or the muscles on the two sides of the face.

According to the Johns Hopkins medical center “An inability to move the muscles of the face on one or both sides is known as facial paralysis. 

“Facial paralysis can result from nerve damage due to congenital (present at birth) conditions, trauma or disease, such as stroke, brain tumor or Bell’s palsy.”

Speaking further with our correspondent, Akintade, said while facial paralysis may not be a medical emergency, treating the underlying cause is crucial. 

He said, “It is a medical condition but it is not a medical emergency.

“You just look for the cause. 

“If it is caused by an infection, you treat it, if it is trauma from a road accident or domestic accident, you try to treat it. 

“However, to repair a nerve is always a big problem but something like cosmetic surgery can be done to ensure another nerve is mobilised from another area to control it.”

When asked if facial paralysis can resolve on its own, Akintade said it depends on the cause. 

“If it is a stroke, the doctor will tell the patient to do some facial exercises and all that so that it can be resolved,” he said.

He, however, warned that “What is important is to know what caused the paralysis.

“If the cause is a brain tumour, it just manifests as a facial thing if you don’t remove that brain tumour it can cause another complication.”

He urged persons experiencing facial paralysis to consult a specialist for treatment, noting that if a person is unable to use their eyes, nose and mouth, their eyes and other parts of their body can become damaged.

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