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UN laments Nigeria’s slow attainment of SDGs

by James Davies

Dirisu Yakubu

The Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations, Amina Mohammed, has decried the slow pace in the attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals in Nigeria.

She noted that Nigeria is “off-track” but was optimistic that the situation can be salvaged.

Mohammed made this known at the induction programme for elected and returning governors organised by the Nigeria Governors’ Forum in Abuja on Monday.

She said, “In 2015, the world including Nigeria, came together at the United Nations to adopt the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development: a roadmap to a better future for all.

“In September this year, we will be halfway to 2030. Sadly, we are off-track but we can rescue the SDGs.

“If we keep the status quo since 2015, it will take nearly 30 years to end the injustice and indignity of extreme poverty and 140 years before women have the same opportunities as men in politics and in business.”

She tasked the governors to focus on the electorate, adding, “The only way to build a more cohesive nation and a more harmonious world is to deliver to people better services, better opportunities, better safety, better government, and a healthier environment.”

Mohammed promised on behalf of the UN, to work with the incoming administration billed to be inaugurated on May 29, 2023.


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