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World iGaming Festival – Shacks Evolution Studios at Sigma Africa

by James Davies

It’s no news that the African gambling industry is rapidly growing. This is especially true with the recent proliferation of online casino games in Africa and the focus shifting from regular sports betting to online casino gaming. The Sigma Africa (World iGaming Festival) brings key industry shareholders together. It provides them with an avenue to rub their minds together and find tactical ways to improve online casino gambling in Africa. Shacks Evolution Studios’ CEO Akinlaja Ayofemi was one of the speakers in this year’s Sigma Africa event that took place in Nairobi, Kenya, between the 16th and 19th of January, 2023.

Shacks Evolution Studios is an indigenous software casino game provider in the African gambling scene with amazing products that differ from other providers in its catalogue. Its unique crash game, Busly, was among the first few crash games in the market even before crash games started becoming popular. But besides Busly, this casino game provider has other fantastic titles such as NES, Keno, Citadel, Reel Wheel, Diced, Coin Toss, Spin The Bottle, Penaldo and Crash Lite.

Speaking to the CEO, Ayofemi, about what the future holds for Shacks Evolution, he pointed out that the company has several games in production especially for the retail market and set to be released later in the year. He also mentioned that there are plans to bring Shacks Evolution Studios into the limelight to become a household name for African online casino game players and enthusiasts.

Who is Ayofemi Akinlaja?

Ayofemi Akinlaja is the CEO and founder of Shacks Evolution Studios, a company that entered the iGaming industry in 2021. With over 10 years of experience in the industry, Ayofemi is a visionary who wants to bridge the gap between quality games and African gaming. After a few years working with Merrybet, the young lad saw the need to promote the growth of online casino gaming in Africa.

His passion for seeing players enjoy a more fun-filled gaming experience, coupled with the pause in sports worldwide during the COVID-19 pandemic, gave him the drive to create Shacks Evolution Studios. According to him, “there is an absence of technical gaming infrastructure in Africa”, which is one of the reasons casino gaming is not as popular among Africans as it is among Europeans.

The Shacks Evolution Studios CEO spoke across three critical topics at the 2023 Sigma Africa event on the 17th and 18th of January, 2023. These topics bordered on

  • The Value Of Data Analytics (Tracking client behavior through mobile use)
  • Popularity Of Sports Betting Having An Impact On Casino Gaming Within The African Market
  • Why Africa Is Not Ready For The Esports Boom

Shacks Evolution Studios at Sigma Africa

“Being Sigma’s first event in Africa, it outperformed what everybody expected. From the caliber of speakers to the topics discussed and the opportunities it gave for upcoming studios like ourselves was phenomenal. Asides speaking, I had the opportunity to meet and discuss with potential clients who think we are a big deal as being Africa’s first igaming Studio. We were also able to seal a couple deals. It was a very good run for us. We thank God.” said Akinlaja Ayofemi the CEO of Shacks Evolution Studios.

If you weren’t able to meet up with the Shacks Evolution Studios team and interested in learning more about Shacks Evolution Studios? You can visit their website, www.shacksevo.co, to try their games out for free and then schedule a call with the team directly sales@shacksevo.co or ayofemi@shacksevo.co

Shacks Evolution was nominated for the Rising Star Idol of the year in the iGaming Idol 2022. If you are an African online gambling operator looking to integrate tailor-made games for any region in Africa, you need Shacks Evolution Studios’ games. You can contact the provider’s technical team, who are always ready to assist.



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